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Mosmatic Cleaners

MOSMATIC Duct Cleaners are specially designed to clean Ducts, Trash-Chutes, Vents, Restaurant Hoods, Tanks and more. This is the perfect accessory for any hot or cold pressure washer. Made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel self-lubricated bearings. The new and improved carbide swivel offers the highest quality Swiss made craftsmanship.

The multi function, multi task Surface Cleaner Line is used to clean brick walls, RV's, boats, stadium stairs, kennels, sidewalks, carwash walls and windows and other hard to clean surfaces. No overspray or flying debris guarantees a safe, clean work area. Features include: stainless steel deck construction, the newly developed swivel toggle joint and a quick connect lance with a relax action gun. The Economy Line is ready to use with no tools required for assembly.

Lakos Filters

ILB-0037 thru ILB-0300

A centrifugal action separator for a variety of low flow applications.

Basic Specifications:
3 - 290 US GPM (1.7 to 66 m3/hr) Designed Primarily For: A wide variety of low flow applications, including side stream installations. ILB separators are non-accessible.

Selecting the Right Model:
Proper selection of these products involves matching the required flow rate with the appropriate model.

Mounting brackets, tripod legs (as shown in picture), and Motorized Ball Valves

E-Literature Available:
Brochure LS-289
German version GLS-289
French version FLS-289
CAD drawings
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