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Special Liquid Cleaning Products

Cleaner/Phosphatizer No. 2
A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications.

Part No. Description
52003 5 Gallons
52005 55 Gallons

A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for processors, packers and packagers of foods, fish and meats. It's great for stubborn stains, dirt, odors, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors and walls.

Part No. Description
52003 5 Gallons
52005 55 Gallons

Liquid Foamer
When combined with most detergents, it creates mountains of suds and increases dwell time to loosen dirt, grease and oil. Designed for use with foam generators and revolving brushes.

Part No. Description
55603 5 Gallons
55603 55 Gallons

Aero One
Approved for aircraft use, this non-toxic detergent has met rigorous standards set by Naval Air Development Command; Lockheed (Aerospace Specification AMS-1526); The Boeing Company and McDonnell-Douglas. High concentrations of corrosion inhibitors fight the effects of salt air, air pollution and acid rain.

Part No. Description
59253 5 Gallons
59256 55 Gallons

Miracle Wizz
An unsurpassed liquid for removing baked-on carbon found in food preparation, bakeries, restaurants, food-processing plants, etc. It's also great for engine degreasing and graffiti removal.

Part No. Description
51853 5 Gallons
51855 55 Gallons

This phosphate-free detergent is excellent for communities where phosphates are prohibited from entering municipal wastewater treatment facilities. It's safe for all kinds of cleaning, yet has the cleaning power of highly concentrated degreasers.

Part No. Description
51863 5 Gallons
51865 55 Gallons

Asphalt Remover
Solvent free and biodegradable, this powerful detergent is an alternative to dangerous toxic solvents. Great for cars, trucks or construction equipment exposed to paving material.

Part No. Description
59753 5 Gallons
59755 55 Gallons

Citrus Clean
This citrus-based detergent additive increases any detergent's cleaning and degreasing power. It also enhances rinsing and is a great degreaser in its own right.

Part No. Description
52103 5 Gallons
52105 55 Gallons

400 Wax
Added to a final rinse, this long-lasting, liquid wax creates a durable finish that improves a vehicle's appearance and keeps dirt from adhering to the surface. It gives added protection against salt, air pollution and acid rain.

Part No. Description
55703 5 Gallons
55705 55 Gallons

Rinse Aid
An additive for rinse cycles, Hotsy Rinse Aid prevents spotting on vehicles.

Part No. Description
57303 5 Gallons
57305 55 Gallons

Hotsy "99"
A highly concentrated formulation of non-fuming inhibited acid and surfactants that remove concrete, welding smut, hard-water scale, rust, mortar and diesel smoke. It is ideal for cleaning and descaling concrete trucks, metal surfaces, equipment, bricks and glass.

Part No. Description
51583 5 Gallons
51585 55 Gallons

Hotsy Coil Conditioner
A special conditioner for removing hard-water deposits and scale from the internal surface of heating coils.

Part No. Description
51302 12X2 lb. Jar Case
51301 2 lb. jar

Powdered Detergents

Super X
This concentrated powder form of Super XL is an all-purpose detergent popular in the agriculture, construction, transportation and food industries. Safe on all surfaces, it's easy to use, low-foaming and free rinsing.

Part No. Description
51002-1 10 lbs.
51003 25 lbs.
51004 50 lbs.
51004 100 lbs.
51006 450 lbs.

A powder concentrate especially effective in painted-vehicle cleaning, removing exhaust deposits, road film and bug residue. Good for cold-water washing.

Part No. Description
55353 25 lbs.
55356 50 lbs.
55357 100 lbs.
55358 450 lbs.

Hotsy "Red"
This super-concentrated detergent offers outstanding cleaning at low cost. It is ideal for heavy-duty truck and car washing applications in both automatic and manual washing systems.

Part No. Description
51484 50 lbs.
51486 100 lbs.
51488 450 lbs.

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